Just Be Yourself

Social MediaBeing genuine counts for a lot in the Social Media world. This does not mean anything goes. Just let you personality show through and it will help add the human element to your content. After all, it is ‘SOCIAL’ Media.

Below are a few things to keep in mind when getting more personal with your posts.

1 – Take a couple of deep breaths before posting. Especially if you have having an emotional minute (good or bad) at the time you compose your message. Take a breather to consider any consequences. Too many times people regret as soon as they hit that submit button.

2 – Acknowledge others. If someone is going to go to the trouble of commenting, liking or sharing you post show them your appreciation. Otherwise they may think you never noticed that they made some type of response.

3 – Keep it clean. There is no need for derogatory or foul language and compromising photos. Think about your company’s reputation before you share photos that show you, or your company, in a bad light. If you feel the need for that make another account that is not tied to your image and have at it.

4 –  Share, but make it meaningful. No one wants to know you are having your 2nd cup of coffee. Sure, maybe you have some friends that hang on your every movement, but for the most part your friends and fans want interesting articles, information and experiences that they can relate to their lives. When sharing a news article add a comment about what it means to you or to your audience.

5 – Keep it fun. You do not have to be a comedian but keep a sense of humor when appropriate. Imagine it is as being at a party and walking around the room talking to people. People appreciate a smile and some light banter mixed in with serious discussions. Again that word ‘Social’ is important.

6 – Ask yourself. Look at your post and ask yourself does your personal voice come through? Does it sound like something you would say? And lastly, and most importantly, is it something you think others can connect or relate to?